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It reminded me of the glory days of The WB when I was in college… had a fish-out-of-water character—Chino expat Ryan Atwood (Ben Mc Kenzie)—to contrast the show’s affluent California youths; Gossip Girl’s Brooklyn-based aspiring writer Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) wasn’t really from the wrong side of the tracks.Those early years of Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Buffy, that whole period of stuff.” But those shows—all of which aired on the networks that merged to form The CW—were much more earnest than Gossip Girl. But Schwartz had an answer to that as well: I remember being a teenager extremely vividly, and the emotional traits of being a teenager are universal regardless of where you grew up or how much money you had.Jacquelyn Graham received rave reviews in the New York Times for her role of (Sally) in Winner Take All directed by John Carrafa. D’Arcy Drollinger (Book & Lyrics / Director) Original works include: D’Arcy has also worked as an actor, director, choreographer and producer. He is an original member of the critically acclaimed post-punk San Francisco art-rock group Enrique and a firm believer in the ridiculous.

The clip was "obtained" exclusively by TMZ -- wonder who leaked that one, Ray J?

Then: The heartbreaker androgynous heartthrob (2004-2009)Speaking of , the character of Shane Mc Cutcheon was the first widely recognized TV lesbian heartthrob that also transcended the LGBT community.

Now: Binge watching debuted right as “bingewatching” on Netflix became a “thing.” Because all the episodes of a season were released at once instead of one at a time, it undercut the need for a weekly viewing party (who has the patience to wait 13 weeks when Piper’s fate can be discovered in a single weekend? Although some people do throw is Netflix’s most popular original series), meaning that women of all sexual orientations have plenty to talk about even if they don’t watch side by side.

She later married basketball player Kris Humphries, who escapes this round unscathed." Moving on: Kimye, expecting their first child together this summer, have shown no signs of slowing down in the months ahead.

For most of the history of television, the barrier to syndication—and to profitability—has been 100 episodes. Still others just hung on as best they could and never posted numbers quite low enough to be canceled.

We commiserated over the strangely persistent presence of the band Betty, railed against the death of Dana, and had all the feelings about the quality of the writing and the characters, and we did it together.

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